Air & coconut water Eau Fraiche

Fragrance Family: floral, woody
5.9 fl. oz.

Eau Fraiche is a lighter brighter twist on our classic Eau De Parfum collection created to freshen up and lighten your mood. We stay fraiche by spritzing our hair, our body and to perk up our Eau de Parfum fragrances throughout the day.

How to Eau Fraiche: Apply head to toe throughout the day to rehydrate.

Perfect for: Soaking in the moment and unplugging from your phone.

Why we love it: It’s our favorite hydration hack when we’re looking to recharge and gain focus

Scent Profile

Top Notes

Italian Bergamot, Lemon, Cassis Fruit

Middle Notes

Coconut Nut Neo, Freesia Flower, Rose

Dry Notes

Clean Air Musk, Tonka, Solar Flower


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