White Woods Eau de Parfum

White Woods Eau de Parfum

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This woody musk weaves a cozy, comforting blanket with hints of crisp bergamot leaves, sparkling mandarin, creamy vanilla orchid, sandalwood, praline musks, and a dash of black pepper. The result is a warm, luxurious scent that embodie...s the pure essence of natural light dancing on a shaded path.

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Scent Profile

Top Notes

Bergamot, Mandarin, Black Pepper

Middle Notes

Magnolia, Calla Lily, Vanilla Orchid

Dry Notes

Sandalwood, Praline Musks, Amber Woods


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March 25, 2016 Wicked Hazel

Fresh and Alluring!

My "signature" fragrance used to be Victoria's Secret's "Heavenly", but when they began selling in mainland China (which means animal testing), I knew I needed to find a new favorite. I discovered CLEAN while putzing around in a Sephora on vacation. I love everything I've smelled so far, but imagine my extra delight when I opened up "White Woods" to discover that wonderfully familiar scent I used to wear... but BETTER! I had noticed towards the end of my relationship with Heavenly that upon first applying, it smelled slightly of cigarettes... at least on me. The pleasantness was also there, but that first off-putting note was getting annoying. White Woods has everything I loved about Heavenly, but without that cigarette scent, and is even more refreshing, soft, comforting, and alluring. My guy loves it, and it stays on me longer than my previous regular as well. CLEAN, you've got a winner for sure. I know many ladies who swore by Heavenly and were heartbroken when they had to give it up. I will be passing along this amazing news to ALL of them, and please don't EVER change your ethical stance on animal and environmental policies!! As far as I'm concerned, you've got a large chuck of the Vegan and Cruelty-free market cornered just with this fragrance alone, and I can't wait to try out everything you make! :)