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Warm Cotton Eau de Parfum

Warm Cotton

Eau de Parfum

So pure, so fresh, it captures the feeling of a fluffy, warm towel just pulled from the dryer. CLEAN Warm Cotton wraps you in notes of Citrus, Lilac and Jasmine over a subtle but oh-so-sexy blend of Amber and Musk. A fresh, comforting, just-laundered scent.
  • Top Notes

    Citrus & Verbena
  • Mid Notes

    Fruity, Orange Flower & Marine
  • Base Notes

    Fougere, Amber & Musk

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Customer Reviews

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Posted by: Kelvin | 11/6/14
I stumbled upon this fragrance in Sephora in the mall and every since then ive been hooked. It gets me so many compliments and everyone says i smell so clean.
Beloved! But sometimes overpowering.
Posted by: NA | 9/20/14
Out of all Clean's fragrances, I think this stands up best for its name. Warm cotton really does smell like that, like fresh laundry, clean cotton, refreshing and cool. It's really a unique perfume. Everyone I've introduced Warm cotton to have fallen in love with it. I've owned my bottle for nearly two years and the scent has definitely changed from its softness to something more harsh and chemical. It's strong enough to have put me off of Warm cotton for a while - henceforth I won't be giving it a full 5/5.
Best Perfume Ever
Posted by: Hannah | 7/22/14
This is my favorite perfume. I love how it smells and I've been getting compliments on this. The only negative thing is that it doesn't last that long. It has a nice, clean and soapy smell of fresh laundry and I just love it
smells clean
Posted by: Lisa | 5/22/14
Smells like soap. love it! So refreshing.
Smells just like a warm towel. <3
Posted by: Stephanie | 4/9/14
I've been using this scent for a year now, and I'll never switch it out for anything else. It smells like a warm towel and makes you feel amazing. When I wear this scent, I just feel so clean and confident, plus, it's just a really subtle scent that lasts all day and night.
Fresh, clean, beautiful!
Posted by: Kylie | 4/5/14
I love this scent and get so many compliments. It smells so fresh and clean. I find it lasts very well on me.
Posted by: Dina | 3/11/14
The BEST fragrance EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
been searching for A MIGHTY LONG TIME
Posted by: this is it!!! | 12/19/13
This perfume has just the right amount of femininity and clean.it smells so much like the description of fresh towels being pulled from the dryer. It has the best everyday Scent I've ever Smelled.
Posted by: mimi | 11/28/13
I have tried hundreds of dollars worth of perfume, and I have finally found my scent. it is amazing and unbelievable how beautiful it is. I highly recommend it.
fresh and clean. perfect for work
Posted by: Erika | 11/4/13
I receive compliments every time I wear this scent!
Love! Love! Love!!!!
Posted by: Ces | 10/1/13
Fresh, soft, I smell wonderful all day long!
Csillagos ötös.
Posted by: Binda | 8/23/13
A világ legjobb parfümje, soha nem unom meg.
i love it
Posted by: happy123 | 7/23/13
The first time smelling it I feel in love.
The Smell of Clean all over,
Posted by: Dibley. | 5/24/13
I just tried this product and it is so great. I want to sleep in it which I did. I have two other scents and I do Like them very much but the warm cotton wins . Just Love it very much.
Dryer Sheet
Posted by: Sbshan8 | 5/1/13
Yum! Love this fragrance! Chores are done - reap the benefits of a delicious clean smell! -sb
The one and only
Posted by: Sigur | 1/23/13
After a jungle of fragnaces, this is the ONE for me! I love this - it stays pure on the skin - often parfumes turn stuffy but this is really warm and comforting as newly washed cotton. So, every time there is an offer, I shop to put them in my stock ;) - a bottle of eau toalett/shower gel and creams go quite fast. THis will propably be my scent for the rest of my life - as since I found this, I've tried at least 230 different scents and they just DO NOT SMELL GOOD ;( on me. So,as my name: Fairytale with Warm Cotton ;)
I love love love this scent. I have a new favorite fragrance and Clean the scent of warm cotton is the winner.
Posted by: Cynt | 11/5/12
Winner hands down. Love it!
Posted by: cynthia | 9/30/12
This is only the second time in my life that I absolutely fell in love with a fragrance. I'm really hard to please.
Best ever!!
Posted by: Saigon | 9/29/12
This is the best scent in the world!! It drive people crazy!
Posted by: It's her... The ONE! | 9/28/12
I've been looking for a clean, soapy, fresh, just out of the shower ( somewhat laundry detergent) scent for a really long time and finally HIT THE JACKPOT with this one!!!! It smells soooo DELISH that people stop what they are doing to ask me what I'm wearing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE CLEAN WARM COTTON!!!! It truly makes my day!!!
Fresh and clean
Posted by: Joyce | 9/18/12
I'm sold on the just fresh out of the shower smell.

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