Eau de Parfum

The soft, fresh, beautiful scent, captured for centuries by the fine milled soaps of France, is now a very special perfume by CLEAN. Reminiscent of pure soap and water, freshly laundered linens and open blue skies. CLEAN Provence will pamper you with a delicate, just-lathered fragrance.
2.14 Fl. Oz.

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Provence Eau de Parfum


Top Notes:
Bergamot, Lime & Green Apple

Mid Notes:
Rosewood, Cotton Blossom & Papaya

Base Notes:
Violet Leaves & Musk
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Why discontinue?
Posted by: Michelle | 5/23/14
It has become an epidemic in the perfume industry to market a scent and then discontinue it to make room for new products. Problem, many women once they find a product they love, will continue using it exclusively. The scent becomes a part of the person. It sets the tone for the wearer to start their day and becomes a comfort to them. When you discontinue a product, people feel like they are suffering a loss. It actually is quite mean when you think about it. Because emotion plays a part, this will lose customers for you.

Please reconsider what you are doing. Remember, without customers, you would not have a business. Customers are the real boss!
Posted by: Mickey | 5/22/14
Fresh, Crisp, and just clean smelling. Keep selling this scent!
love love love love love it
Posted by: pam | 5/20/14
discontinue? no no no, this is the best one you have! please please dont, are you really still considering it?
My favorite! Please don't discontinue
Posted by: kddb | 5/7/14
My favorite daily perfume by far. As everyone else has posted, just a beautiful, simple scent that is not overwhelming.
I love Provence!
Posted by: Ooh La La! | 5/6/14
Please don't discontinue this one. I'm with everyone else posting on here - this one smells fabulous! One of my favorite things on the planet is French milled soaps, and this makes me smell and feel super fresh and clean.
Best perfume in the world!,
Posted by: Ganda | 5/4/14
I will never forget when I smelled this the first time, In Magasin, a Danish high standard mall.

The smell lingered with me, and even though at first I wasn't sure what this strange, really expensive ( very expensive as it just came to Denmark and only in Magasin) perfume was about the smell wasn't like any other I ever smelled!
And so I was sold and for many many years now ( like really many years) I haven been wearing any other brand than Clean, and. I have a nice little collection, but still of this day THIS clean is my favorite! They stopped selling in Magasin in Denmark so now I am panicking.

it's is how good this perfume is,
Please keep this one!
Posted by: mc2013 | 4/28/14
I finally found a perfume I love-PLEASE keep this one! :(
Don't Discontinue
Posted by: Minateen | 4/5/14
The best of the Clean perfumes. I'm a nurse and it's the only thing I can wear to work that won't offend patients. Please, please, please don't discontinue this scent.
Please don't discontinue!
Posted by: Desperate for this scent! | 4/4/14
Please keep this scent!!! Or share the recipe :). I just have loved this scent for years. Can we start a petition to keep it?
Please do not discontinue
Posted by: Melissa | 3/27/14
Provance is my scent. I will seach high and low for it. I will stock pile it until you come to your senses and start making it again.
So sad!!
Posted by: RMM | 2/26/14
Out of the Clean scents I have tried, this is the one I continue to buy. Even spent 2 weekends trying other scents to see if there was one that could even compare and came up with nothing.

Even my mother with a sensitive nose enjoyed this one! Please keep !!
My favorite
Posted by: MP | 2/26/14
I love this perfume. I'm very sad to hear that you are discontinuing it. Really hope you will change your mind and keep it!
Smells nice but NO stay power
Posted by: Michelle | 2/25/14
This scent is lovely....for all of 3 minutes. Perhaps it is my chemistry but I can not get this scent to last on my skin.How I wish that I could.
Favorite! Please keep it around!!!
Posted by: Niki | 2/18/14
Oh please please please don't discontinue!
Posted by: Blondie in Dakota | 2/18/14
Please, don't take this from us. It is the most wonderful scent I've ever worn, and I've been through many! It took me several years to find something as wonderful as Provence.

Won't you please reconsider this? What does it take to keep a fragrance? From the many comments, the sales of this fragrance must be doing well!

We will love you forever if you will keep it!!
The best ever!
Posted by: Lis | 2/13/14
My one and only.

Please, do not take this scent out of production!
What would I then wear?
Nooooo! please don't!....
Posted by: CT | 1/25/14
Please don't discontinue Provence - it's a HAPPY and FRESH scent, how can you discontinue that!!!
The best scent ever! !
Posted by: Heather | 12/27/13
Nooooo! You can not discontinue Provence! It is wonderfully wonderful! Day or night. Please keep making it! It is all I ever wear!
The best scent I have found!
Posted by: Jinx | 12/21/13
This is the best scent I have found. Please reconsider discontinuing this product.
Love it!
Posted by: Lucy | 12/17/13
I always get compliments when I where this scent. Its light enough for me to wear to work. Please keep this product!
Posted by: Jess | 12/14/13
It astounds me that this company doesn't take into account all of these reviews from customers PLEADING with them not to discontinue this scent. It really is the most beautiful fragrance I've ever worn. Subtle, yet long-lasting. Something I imagine wearing for the rest of my life...but not anymore. It saddens me that their newer, harsher scents are replacing something so popular.
Love the scent, but confused about D'lish vs Fusion Brand
Posted by: Confused | 12/5/13
Are these the same?

Answer: Yes. The company's name was changed a few year's ago.
Provence cannot be discontinued! Need it daily!!
Posted by: Rghill | 11/30/13
This is the only scent I can wear around patients who I care for as an RN. It's so subtle, soft and CLEAN!! Always receive compliments on it when I come into work!!
My favorite
Posted by: mlb45459 | 11/29/13
Please listen to all of the pleas to not discontinue this fragrance. It smells amazing, I feel so pretty when I wear it and I always get compliments when I'm wearing it. So sad to see it go away. I like some of the other scents but LOVE this one!
Posted by: Mickey | 11/26/13
The most cleanest scent of all.
Posted by: Gigi | 11/26/13
Provence is my all time favorite among your line of perfumes! Definitely a 'CLEAN' Scent I so love :) Please, please Do Not Discontinue IT!
This is the bomb!
Posted by: Peg | 11/25/13
I echo all of the other reviewers in that this is the BEST perfume ever! Nothing else even comes close. Please don't discontinue. You have no idea what a gem you have in this perfume!
Posted by: Leelee | 11/22/13
I absolutely love this fragrance and wear it everyday, PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE IT! I cant wear any of your other fragrances.
Please do not discontinue
Posted by: Susie | 11/19/13
This is the only perfume I use. The scent is subtle, clean, it is perfect.
You just can't take this one away!
Posted by: Randi | 11/9/13
Of all the Clean fragrances, and I own a few, this is my most favorite. This is the fragrance that when I wear it, someone always says, " what are you wearing, that smells so good." It will be a sad day for me if it's discontinued.
Love this, please don't discontinue
Posted by: LEE | 10/21/13
Love this fragrance, its now all I wear. Please do not discontinue it!!!!!
my staple!!!
Posted by: Nicole | 10/7/13
Love it so much I always remember it in the morning! Gorgeous scent. Subtle enough for the office, yet always gets loads of compliments.
Posted by: MS | 10/4/13
Along with everybody else, please do not stop making this scent. I've tried 3 other of your clean selection, and this is my FAVORITE!!!!
Posted by: MS | 10/4/13
Along with everybody else, please do not stop making this scent. I've tried 3 other of your clean selection, and this is my FAVORITE!!!!
Has been my scent for years...
Posted by: ann | 9/16/13
Please do not discontinue this scent....pretty please!! I have been using this for years and is always my go to scent. Can any of us change your minds? :0(
Don't take this away please!!!
Posted by: Chocobonbon | 9/14/13
This scent is amazing!!! I have never found one that can be compared to this.
Please please please don't take this away.
I wear nothing but Provance!!
Posted by: Vanessa | 9/9/13
Why do all the wonderful things in the world go away? I have been looking for this perfume all my life and you are seriously--SERIOUSLY going to take it away?! Nooooo!!

Please. Please. I cannot wear any of your other products; The alcohol content gives me the worst sinus headache. Pleeeez... Leave this perfect perfume alone... It's the only perfume I've worn in the last 6 years. (Sigh...)
Beautiful Scent
Posted by: Strega | 9/1/13
This is my favorite CLEAN scent. I am so sorry to see this go. :(
Love it
Posted by: Dotty | 8/31/13
OMG do not take this perfume away! I love it please please
Love it
Posted by: Dotty | 8/31/13
OMG do not take this perfume away! I love it please please
Love it
Posted by: Helena | 8/29/13
Sorry to hear that it will be taken out of production as this is a fantastic perfume! Smells so fresh and I wish you could continue selling it! Only one minor issue... the scent doesn't last as long as other scents; ex your Warm Cotton.
Posted by: CJ | 8/24/13
I am stunned. This is also my favorite. I can't believe it is being discontinued. so sad.
Best fragrance ever
Posted by: Leslie | 8/21/13
Please, please dont take this away, this is my signature scent. It's pure heaven in a bottle, what will I do? Is there another scent that is comparable?
Please don't discontinue!
Posted by: Em | 8/10/13
Such a gorgeous, fresh, soft scent. My favorite perfume to date and, in my opinion, the best of the clean offerings.
Where i can find it?
Posted by: Indra | 7/24/13
do you have other product that has similar with this? this one is my fav, too bad you discontinued it.
Amazing scent!!!
Posted by: Traci | 7/19/13
Please dont take this scent away. This one of the best fresh clean scents and I always get so many compliments. If you do discontinue it please consider bringing it back as an annual sale so customers can stock up.
Fabulous Scent
Posted by: Alisha | 7/17/13
Very, very sad this scent is being discontinued. It was what first attracted me to the clean brand and is what has kept me coming back. Hoping if enough people write a review, it will not be sent away!
It's my Favourite!
Posted by: Kelly | 7/6/13
How can you do this???? I can't see this fragrance not outselling the others you offer. It's the only one that smells AMAZING!
The perfect scent
Posted by: Angela | 7/5/13
This scent just melts in to the skin and becomes part of me.
Just love the sweet and fresh smell!
Posted by: maggy | 6/28/13
Please, please do not discontinue this wonderful scent. It is pure and fresh. I have never encountered anything like it and I love it! Please reconsider!
Picky moms love it!
Posted by: Sarche | 5/11/13
My mom has a very sensitive nose, and it's always difficult finding the right perfume for her. She can't stand very strong, sugary perfumes, even the ones she herself bought a few years back. When she found this, it was love at first smell! It's light and smells super fresh, not to mention clean :) Good for all ages, so sad they're discontinuing it, we'll have to start the search for another one :(
Oh so great! My favorite!!
Posted by: Neef | 5/9/13
Please don't take this off the market. If you do, could you please send all the bottles you have so I can have it for the rest of my life? lol
I really love the scent.
Love it!!
Posted by: Alicia | 4/14/13
Could you reconsider getting rid of this wonderful scent?!?! I absolutely love the violet in it. So fresh, clean and perfect.
My favorite
Posted by: allis | 3/22/13
Why get rid of this scent? It smells wonderful! Hope u have something similar to take its place
Love, Love, Love Provence
Posted by: Soozeeque | 3/15/13
This scent is just lovely, light, fresh. The fact that it on sale, that even makes it better!!
Best scent!
Posted by: Mel | 1/21/13
I love the fresh and clean soap smell!!
I love this scent.
Posted by: Niki | 10/1/12
I go through a bottle every few months. It stays on all day and i get compliments constantly. So fresh and clean!!!

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Alcohol Denat., Water/Aqua/Eau, Parfum/Fragrance, Glycerin, Limonene, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis), Hydroxycitronellal, Citral, Geraniol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Benzyl Alcohol, Citronellol, Cinnamal