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WWD "Fusion Brands Sweeps in a Clean Reserve."Read More

SEVENTEEN "This magic ingredient tackles those tiny, hard bumps that seem like pimples but won't go away."Read More

LUCKY"Cross creamy vanilla with white musk and you get a scent that transports to a huge, cushy bed made with just-laundered linens."Read More

INSTYLE "It's refreshing--like a splash of cool water."Read More

CELEBRITY HAIR STYLES"Absorbs excess oil, leaving locks looking, feeling and smelling fresh between shampoos."Read More

US WEEKLY"James McAvoy splashes on bergamot- and rosewood-infused CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt."Read More

INSTYLE"Get a load of this! Perfume that smells like a just-washed T."Read More

COSMOPOLITAN"Use[s] cotton to wick away moisture all day… and a dry bod means sweat won't stain your summer clothes."Read More

ALLURE"We were sweat- and odor-free all day."Read More