Original Eau de Parfum

Original Eau de Parfum

for her
The original that started it all. This soap-inspired scent combines litsea cubeba, orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium, and white musk and is perfect for women who enjoy crisp, subtly. It opens with a bright burst of freshness and dries down to a simply CLEAN scent.

Scent Profile

Top Notes

Orange, Lime, Pink Grapefruit

Middle Notes

Passion Lily, Rose, Geranium

Dry Notes

Spring Fresh Floral & White Musk


Layer with Fresh Laundry Eau de Parfum

Layer with White Woods Eau de Parfum

November 27, 2017 DiB

Okay..Toilette was wonderful

The par-fume is a stronger scent than the toilette and makes me sneeze. Loved that so much more. Please bring it back!

April 3, 2017 Maggie

Light and clean

I like a light clean frangrance, looking for a summer version equivalent to molecule 101 that I wear in the winter , this is it , order the big bottle you will be glad you did !

February 7, 2017 Tata332

My all time favorite!

I first smelled this on my mom. It smelled so fresh and floral. I asked her if I could have it since she changes fragrances quit often. I wore it and got so many compliments from guys mostly and ladies. I loved layering with the body lotion so it would last longer. My daughter says it smells like soap but that's the type of parfume I love. Clean, fresh citrusy and florals. A plus for me is that I could wear this fragrance day and night. My skin is sensitive so at times I can't wear certain perfumes without getting a itchy rash condition.

August 1, 2016 Leslie

My Favorite

I first smelled this sent on a bus, it was such a delightfully gentle fragrance I had to ask the young lady sitting next to me what she was warring.
I have tried only a few of the Clean scents but by far the light slightly citrusy fragrance of Clean Original is my favorite.
I wish I could still get the body vail powder in Original, no luminesces needed.

March 12, 2016 sugardimples

EDT please

The parfume is alright. The toilette was far better. Please bring it back.