Fresh Laundry

Fresh Laundry

Eau de Parfum

Imagine freshly laundered sheets drying under open blue skies. CLEAN Fresh Laundry captures the crisp yet delicate scent of freshly laundered linens. With just a few sprays, this irresistible scent will embrace and comfort you just like your favorite linens.
  • Top Notes

    Brazilian Orange, Mexican Lime & Fresh Mown Grass
  • Mid Notes

    Rose Otto & Night Blooming Jasmine
  • Base Notes

    Heliotrope & Woody Musk

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Love it !!!
Posted by: Ina | 4/28/2015
OMG! I love your product :) Bisous from Paris
Definitely a favorite
Posted by: Mercedes | 4/9/2015
Yes. Fresh Laundry is one of my many favorites. It has a refreshing scent for ANY occasion. A majority of department stores in my region (US) do not carry the Clean line but SEPHORA carries this line.
One of the best scents. The scent lingers even after my clothes had been washed.
Posted by: Mari | 3/17/2015
One of the best scents. The scent lingers even after my clothes had been washed.
Only one downside, Southeast Asia seems to be the only place on earth where CLEAN is available-in only one store!
When I was in Europe, I had to ask the sales staff of the perfume store I went into carries the line. Apparently, they didn't seem to have any idea what CLEAN was.
Posted by: Vicky | 3/5/2015
Fantastic, fresh and free. I just love it :-))
Posted by: Micara | 3/4/2015
I'm hooked! Smells EXACTLY like fresh laundry. I'm in love with every single scent in the Clean line but Fresh Laundry is my absolute fav! I can't wait to try the home line.

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