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The World of Clean

Our vision of smart simplicity has become the lens through which we develop every CLEAN product in every category. We understand that at a time when options seem endless, it’s liberating to know exactly what you want. CLEAN is proud to offer a carefully edited selection of products that we know you will love.

Welcome to CLEAN. We hope you enjoy the breath of fresh air.


At CLEAN, we believe in making the most of every moment. We choose to fill each day with our favorite things, people, rituals – the perfect pleasures in life. We also believe happiness is knowing that the smartest things are often the simplest. So at CLEAN, we promise to give you everything you need and nothing you don't. We make high performance, intuitive products that capture the essence of smart simplicity. We reinvent the essentials to bring you perfect solutions.

When we introduced our first fragrance in 2003, we dreamed of a different kind of perfume with a scent that was fresh and pure – inspired by a simple bar of soap. Since then, our fragrances have become renowned for their ability to evoke some of the best moments and simplest pleasures in life. CLEAN is more than just a fragrance – it has become a way of life.